Team Song Workshop

Team Song

Create & record your very own
masterpiece at Daft Studios!

Unforgettable teambuilding experience!


Experience the profound power of music that evokes pure emotion. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to step foot in one of Europe’s largest music recording studios.

Get ready to feel the chills and thrills as you create your own anthem. This unforgettable experience will leave you with a lasting memento to treasure!


Daft Music Studios – spread across 200m² with an impressive 8m high ceiling – is perfect for creating grandiose sounds, whether it’s booming drums, orchestral recordings, or any other musical genre you can dream of. Renowned international artists have graced this studio to record their songs and create groundbreaking music.

Walk in the footsteps of legends like Bertrand Cantat, Paul Stacey (The Black Crowes), Chris Urbanowicz (Editors), Matt Howe, Jagz Kooner, Aurora, Sigala, GOOSE, Daan, Hooverphonic, Amenra, Novastar, Tony Platt (AC/DC), Loïc Nottet, BJ Scott, Zwangere Guy, De Mens, and many more…


At Daft, a team of seasoned professionals will guide you through the process:

  • A skilled producer who will arrange compositions and shape the song according to your vision.
  • An expert sound engineer who will record all instruments and vocals, and work their magic to make your song shine.
  • A talented vocal coach who will warm up your body, mind, and voice to ensure ease and confidence while singing.
  • A proficient song writer who will expertly craft lyrics to perfectly fit the song.

In the weeks leading up to your session, we will collaborate to choose the perfect song. If desired, we can also involve any amateur musicians in your team who are eager to play an instrument or take on the role of lead singer. We can provide them with preparatory material to ensure they are ready to shine.

On the big day, plenary workshops will be interspersed with smaller breakout sessions. We will tackle questions such as:

  • What are the essential keywords that should be included in the lyrics? Will the song convey messages about next year’s strategy or will it be filled with inside jokes within the team?
  • What makes a well-structured song?
  • What emotions do we want to evoke?
  • How can we bring those emotions to life?
  • What techniques can be employed to warm up our bodies, minds, and voices?

Don’t worry if you’re not the best singer, our coaches are exceptional and will help everyone feel comfortable in no time.

Once the lyrics are written and the song is perfected, it’s time to hit the recording studio and bring your creation to life!


Each workshop we offer is tailor-made.
We understand that time is valuable, so we recommend setting aside approximately 3 to 4 hours in order to achieve the most optimal results.
The following schedule serves as an example: 

13:30Introduction (all):
Welcome to Daft Studios + introduction to the team of coaches
14:00Recording instruments at StudiosSongwriting lyrics in several teams
(in break-out rooms)
15:00Continue with musicians for instrumental recordings & lead vocalsWarm up body/mind/voice
— 15:20
(Daft Tent + Dôme + Hotel)
— 16:30
Finish musician & lead singers recordingsStudy the song parts (chorus, verse, …)
— 17:30
Grand finale – start singing “for real” – recording all together (backings, adlibs, shouts, claps, …)
THE END for your team – our team makes the magic happen in the back…
4h laterA first edit is ready → open the dancefloor with your very own song!

Note: Creating a cover of a pre-existing song is permissible solely for internal communication, while adhering to the artist’s copyright.
In the event you wish to employ the song for external communication as well, we will engage an artist to compose an original piece for your needs.


E&C loved Daft!

“A bull’s-eye for our annual company event where we bring together our employees from all over the world. The guidance & service by Daft was fantastic, inspiring and flawless. For the event itself, which was conceived as a mini festival, an atmosphere had been created that exceeded our wildest expectations. Writing and recording a song together is highly recommended as team building. And thanks to the ultra-professional way in which this was supervised, recorded and mixed, the end result has become a stunning song, a unique memory of a magical two days. The only point of criticism: what on earth are we going to have to come up with next year to exceed this?”